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[edt-dev] major changes underday

This afternoon we're changing the definitions of the system parts (the built-in EGL types).  You can see the new system part definitions under org.eclipse.edt.compiler\eglsource.  If you need EDT to work, do not synch up with CVS this afternoon.

The changes will impact you in several ways.

1. We are removing support for several kinds of parts and types.  We're cutting things down because EDT 0.7 won't support everything.  We will add them back in version 1.0.  For a detailed list of what's supported in 0.7 see http://wiki.eclipse.org/EDT:EGL_Language

2. The names of some types and packages have changed.

3. Many functions that used to be in system libraries like StrLib and DateTimeLib have been moved into types like string and date.  For example we no longer have StrLib.clip(string).  It's now string.clip().  So you'll write myString.clip() in place of StrLib.clip(myString).

I'll send another message when the changes are complete.  If we don't finish today, tonight's build will probably not be useful.  In the meantime, please don't open bugs if you're using the latest code.