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Re: [eclipselink-users] @MappedSuperclass static weaving with EclipseLink and multiple jars

Hi Avner,

Can you use the -persistenceinfo flag to point to the persistence.xml in one jar while weaving the other jar?


On 15/11/2012 3:29 AM, Avner Levy wrote:
My entities' classes are scattered in multipple jars.
In jar A I have a base class name MyBase which is annotated with @MappedSuperclass.
In jar B there is an entity class which derives from MyBase (jar B depends on jar A).
The problem is that because the weaving is done in the context of the jar file (I'm using the maven plugin) the base class (MyBase) isn't instrumented (although it should).
If I move the derived class from jar B to A then the weaving process will handle the base as well.
Since I'm working on a large project it is critical for me to develop in a modular way.
Doesn't EclipseLink support such methodology?
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