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[eclipse.org-committers] 2006 Committer Election Nominees

The 2006 election nominations are now closed, and I'm very pleased to say that we have a great slate of high-quality candidates for the Eclipse committer community to choose from.
Please see http://www.eclipse.org/org/elections for all of the relevant information on this year's electoral process, including pages for each candidate and their vision for Eclipse.
Just a quick reminder of some key points on the committer election process (from http://www.eclipse.org/org/elections/election_process.php):
Each Committer Member gets one vote. Note that committers who are employees of Member companies have all the rights and privileges (including voting) of a Committer Member.
Individual committers must join the Eclipse Foundation as Committer Members by signing the Membership Agreement in order to be allowed to vote.
All committers who are employees of a single company have their votes collapsed into a single vote in the committer elections.
I would also like to take a moment to recognize the contribution that John Wiegand has made to the Board over the past two years. John has decided not to run this year, and his perspective and judgement will be missed.
Mike Milinkovich
Executive Director,
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