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Re: [eclipse-mirrors] [carsten@c-otto.de: [ftpsync-eclipse-ftp@ftp] (28917) rsync ERROR on 2011.09.02-23:12:46]


On Wed, Sep 07, 2011 at 09:18:08AM -0400, Denis Roy wrote:
> Like Markus has said, that project runs a build frequently, and that
> site.zip file changes every time.

That sounds reasonable.

> I believe your rsync job and the project's build job are
> coincidentally at the same time, hence the reason you get the stale
> file handle.  You can use incremental rsync to reduce the errors, or
> simply --ignore-errors like everyone else does...

I moved the eclipse rsync 30 minutes, maybe that helps. I do not want do
ignore rsync errors.

> Apologies for the delay in replying -- Monday was a holiday for most
> of North America, and it usually takes us about a day to recover
> from a holiday  ;)

OK :)
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