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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Discussion Topic

Releng discussion topic: 

  what to do when we are done? 

   a) do not do anything :) in case we need emergency rebuild next week

   b) use care if you are using one of the "R4_HEAD" projects;  until we have renamed remaining R4_HEAD branches (approx. 6/27?)
        Bug 378876 - change remaining 3 R4_HEAD repository branches to master 
 c) do tag your released code with "annotated tag" (e.g. R4_2_0, R3_8_0) 

releng status: 
  routine stuff to finish up: 
  381820 Add our docs to Juno Info Center 
  379493 Some 4.2. features and its feature branding plug-ins have lower version than in 3.8 
  381814 update to final EMF build for Juno