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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Dec 8, 2004

 Discussion Topics



- option to append/overwrite file when redirecting console output
- console performance tests
- J2SE5 enhancements to JDI client to support extensible connectors and
  timeouts on establishing a connection
- formatting stack traces in "Java Stack Trace Console" via retargettable
  Format action/key-binding
- Work on UI for user defined Java logical structures
- Special dialog to support modification of Strings in the debugger -- 
  WYSIWYG editing vs. evaluation
- CTRL-S in the details pane now supports evaluations
- source lookup is now performed in a non-UI thread
- debug events are queued and dispatched in a job (i.e. in a different

- bug fixing
- new performance tests for editor and building
- continued work on Ant debugger, re-worked synchronization
- memory leak testing

- compiler support for annotations completed (except for circular
  annotation detection)
- compiler recognizes some meta-annotations: @Target, @Override
- compiler support for autoboxing almost ready, soon to be released
- Java model reconciling is now aware of annotations (annotation problems
  will show up in editor as you type)
- work in progress for syntax recovery in annotations
- work in progress for basic support of codeassist/codeselect in
- work in progress for adding new match rules for search in generics:
- JCK 1.5 compliance is 98.31% (192 failures to go)

- reworking the PDE site editor
- huge gain on launching performance for targets containing 1000's of
  - PDE now listens for Java Element deltas in the workspace and
    selectively deletes stale cached manifest files from the target
    configuration area,
  - this makes launching with -clean virtually unnecessary, as -clean is
    overkill for self-hosting
- consolidation of the notion of a Target Platform:
  - one stop shop for target platform, target environment and JRE.
  - the Target Environment and Target Platform preference pages have
    now been merged
  - the Target Platform page now also allows you to set the favorite JRE
    for that platform
- improved the efficiency of the parsing and the granularity/accuracy of
  validation of feature.xml and site.xml files.
- bug fixing

User Experience:
- made progress in using XHTML for authoring Intro content:
  - allows the use of your favorite web page editor (XSLT used to merge
    and combine base content and contributions)
- good progress in macro recorder/player:
  - can automate a number of scenarios (checking out projects from CVS,
    importing external plug-ins, Hello, World tutorial etc

- reworking update site mirroring support to add the capability in a
  backward compatible fashion
- digital signature acceptance reworked:
  - makes it easier to accept signatures for a number of features
    (instead of prompting for each one)
- bug fixing

Platform/JDT Text:
- bug fixing
- code consolidation based on static code analysis tools
- platform consolidation:
  - continued pushing down spell checking:
    - define extendable spell check service in Platform/Text
    - contribute current JDT spell check engine to spell check service
  - started push down of JDT source commands to a JDT independent source
- continued rework of java editor preference pages:
  - typing preferences use nested collapsable sections
  - code assist preferences use expandable sections
  - unified  formatter/editor tab settings
  - syntax coloring: 
    - removed 'advanced' preference
    - better use of screen real estate
- further improvements to the Properties File Editor:
  - added support to navigate (F3) from properties file key to references
    (*.xml and *.java source IFiles)
- cross team issues:
  - contributed to the preferences dynamic team
  - contributed to the action contribution dynamic team
  - provided feedback for generic info popup dialog (see bug 72374).

- removed dependency on core.runtime.compatibility
- removed all warnings

- worked on testing support for MacOS X menubar

- preparing EclpseCon
- collected external contributions
- worked on 3.1 plan
- J2SE 5.0 theme:
  - updated code templates to support parameterized types Javadoc tags 
  - Quick fix support for new parameterized types Javadoc tags
    (@param <A> ...)
  - worked on new RippleMethodFinder to handle generic methods correctly
  - added more tests for generics, enums and annotations
  - added support for enums and annotations to compare/restore from
    local history
  - worked on generic, annotation and enum support for inline method
- Large scale:
  - improved working set support in package explorer: better selection
    handling, reveal doesn't consider history working set and DnD support
    to arrange working sets
- misc:
  - ASTrewrite: new API getGroupNode to simplify replacing a node with a 
    group of new nodes
  - fixed problem which resulted in classpath resolving on package 
    start up.
  - worked on converting references to TextBuffer to FileBuffers
  - switched to use new ASTRewriter in Java compare

- added workaround for NIO problem in text search

JDT Launching MacOS X:
- removed dependency on core.runtime.compatibility

Platform Core:
- new local history implementation turned on by default
- backported resources performance tests
- evaluating performance for new persistent properties implementation
- refactored indexedstore implementation (from history store) to be used
  with the property store
- preferences dynamic team work:
- helped implement preference dialog "search" feature
- gathering information on resource bundles and alternate implementations
  for performance gains
- released doc describing large-scale workspace problems:
- performance work: investigation into String "unique-ifying" in the
  workspace tree
- bug triage + bug fixing