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Re: [eclipse-dev] Case for an M10

it won't be an option at all? i'm kind of used to it, already. why the need to get rid of it? why not just leave it as not the default?


Douglas Pollock wrote:
On Mon, 2004-02-16 at 01:04, Ed Burnette wrote:

- Keyboard bindings. A completely new default set is planned but when is it going to be made the default and how long will
people have to get used to it and refine it? Which binding should new books document (they have to pick *one*)? M7 still
uses the old bindings by default.

The new key binding set is being pulled from 3.0 due to time
constraints.  While it appeared in M7, it is likely to disappear in the
first integration build afterward (i.e., tomorrow).

The old key binding set is documented on the Platform UI developer's
page -- under accessibility.

This document is out of date, and will likely be updated as the 3.0
release draws closer.  Teams are still adding new key bindings, and
changing existing ones.


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