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[eclipse-dev] Case for an M10

The PMCs might want to consider adding another milestone (M10) to the 3.0 schedule to address these issues:

- RCP features. The paint is still wet on this, and important functionality like exporting and branding still doesn't have a good story.
- Visual editor. SWT support is not there yet.
- Runtime changes. PDE is still catching up there, as is Update.
- Cheat sheets. This has been contributed but not integrated yet.
- Life in a concurrent world. Some things are not backgrounded yet that should be, and perhaps vice-versa (bugs have been entered).
- API stability. The API was supposed to be frozen at M5 or M6 but in some places public API was still changed at M7 with more changes planned for M8.
- Themes. I've seen it in the code and extension schemas but it hasn't been explained yet.
- Forms based ui. Some subset is still planned in the M8 time frame but it won't get much use before M9.
- Multipage editing. PDE was going to move to true multipage editors and try to knock out some of the problems there but I'm not sure if that work is done yet.
- Virtual and large non-virtual table support. This might seem like a minor item but SWT table architecture and performance is the #1 thing that always comes up when I'm trying to convince somebody to switch from Swing tables.
- Logical resources. I heard this one over and over at EclipseCon. Currently a proposed item but it's been needed for a long time.
- Keyboard bindings. A completely new default set is planned but when is it going to be made the default and how long will people have to get used to it and refine it? Which binding should new books document (they have to pick *one*)? M7 still uses the old bindings by default.
- Java 1.5. One of the reasons we went to Eclipse in the first place was its support for the latest JDK. I'd argue this is a must-have for 3.0, even if 1.5 is still in beta. I mean, how much is it going to change at this point?
- New look. Most people will get their first look at the new look in M8 and I predict there's going to be a big reaction to it, possibly negative.