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Re: [eclipse-dev] Purposal for the packages problem

What about creating an Eclipse download manager? In this way the user can
select the projects they'd like to install and they'd only get what they
select. Take a look at Cygwin's download manager as an example. You can
select what components you'd like to install and you only get what you

A download manager would solve the problem of too many download packages,
physical space to store all the download packages and usability for end
users trying to install (although there are some additional complications
including finding an existing download manager or authoring a custom one
that supports all the OSs Eclipse supports.)

Lawrence Mandel

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I have followed this thread closely and after reading many valid points
I think that an intersting and specially easy and factible (AFAIK)
solution would be to act in two different ways, which I think are rather
simple and definitely compatible with the component model of eclipse.
This would be:

* Make update sites for all eclipse official project (I don't think this
would be to hard, maybe the projects can handle or a particular project
could do that)
* Add in the SDK those update sites
* optionally prompt on first start for downloading/seraching more

What happens here? and why I belive this is good?

The component model of eclipse is not violated by providing a full blown
Download size of SDK does not increase (bandwith usage may do)
Other 3rd party popular plugins can easily be added like this (even a
page where you can register your update site and eclipse version would
handle that, and a list of update sites obtained from there could be
added to the default install)

I belive the key issue for the end user is simplicity, As an user, me, I
don't care if I download all packages at one or one by one as far  as it
is easy.
I wouldn't matter going to software udpates  and click a few plugins,
and go for a coffe...

I think that this could be a real good solution for the sort term.
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