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Re: [eclipse-dev] Why my eclipse show "unsupported character encoding"?

It looks like you have a file encoded in GBK (which is one of the Chinese 
codepages) and that you machine is not able to read it.

This list is for announcements about the ongoing Eclipse development - 
these sorts of questions are best asked on the eclipse.platform newsgroup.


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07/07/2003 03:26 AM
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        Subject:        [eclipse-dev] Why my eclipse show "unsupported character encoding"?

Yesterday, everything is ok. But today, when I start my projects in 
platform , it show "The project was not built since the source file
/XXX/src/XXX/ComputeServlet.java could not be read."

I click to open the java file ,it presents "unsupported character 

"Character Encoding (GBK) is not supported by this platform."

But I write the java files yesterday ,and everything goes well. Why now ?

--Îȶ¨¿É¿¿µÄÃâ·Ñµç×ÓÐÅÏä  ÓïÒôÓʼþ  Òƶ¯ÊéÇ©  ÈÕÀú·þÎñ Íø ç´æ´¢...ÒÚÓÊδ¾¡

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