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Re[2]: [eclipse-dev] HelloWorld first plug-in

I sincerely apologize for this letter -- I don't know why it got out, since I
definitely don't target the eclipse mailing lists.  (I target @yahoo.,
@hotmail. and @karlsen.cc)

Again, my absolute and sincerest apologies. :-(

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> Hello.

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>> Hi,

>> I installed the version 2.0 of Eclipse and I'm triing to realize my first plug-in, using the instructions of Platform Plug-in Developer Guide (Simple plug-in example). 

>> When I write the code of the HelloWorldView class I get this errors:

>> The import org.eclipse.swt cannot be solved.

>> The import org.eclipse.ui cannot be solved.

>> Please, can you tell me how I can resolve this problems?

>> Thank you,

>> Daniele

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