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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF news add future releases

On 06.10.2016 07:26, Scott Lewis wrote:
> Some news:   Mat Booth of Red Hat has been working to get all features 
> of ECF building, signed, etc. and now it is very close to complete.  See 
> [1] and [2].   Many thanks and much appreciated Mat, Aleksandr, and Red Hat.
> This contribution will enable ECF to continue participation in the 
> Oxygen Simultaneous release.  I've declared our intention to participate 
> in Oxygen on the cross-projects-mailing-list [3].
> I would like to schedule a minor release (3.14.0) for sometime this 
> fall.   It's my intention to contribute a new distribution provider and 
> possibly some remote management APIs currently hosted on github to this 
> release, and it will be a good exercise to work out any kinks in the 
> Tycho-based build.  Any other thoughts from contributors or committers 
> on what people would like to see in 3.14?
> I've tentatively schedule 3.14.0 for Dec 5 [4], but that's flexible 
> pending discussion.


am I right in assuming that we can turn the old jenkins at
build.ecf-project.org off then?