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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF GSoC Mentors

Hi Wayne,

I registered with melange as a mentor.

Currently i don't have any specific ideas for a project but will do a brainstorming and will come up with the idea and put it up in the soc-dev list and here.

Thanks and Regards,

On 20 March 2012 08:52, Wayne Beaton <wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
We always get a good turn out for ECF with Google Summer of Code project proposals. We're going to need a couple of ECF mentors.

Note that by signing up to be a mentor, you will be asked to help us evaluate the student proposals. You only need to actually mentor if you find a student proposal that you want to mentor (and that proposal gets accepted).

So... if you can spend the time to help mentor some students, please sign up for the soc-dev mailing list (for some unexplained reason, the soc-dev mailing list got wiped out, so you'll need to re-register even if you've previously been a member of the list), and register with the GSoC site.



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