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Re: [ecf-dev] [Salvo] Problem in using eclipse newsgroups with bugzilla account

Hi Isuru,

On 21 May 2011 08:11, Isuru Udana <isudana@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I cannot use my bugzilla acccount to access the eclipse news serverÂnews.eclipse.orgÂusing Salvo. I tried two bugzilla accounts but neither seems to be working.
In the OSGi console following message is printed when validating the configuration.

org.eclipse.ecf.protocol.nntp.core.internal.ServerConnectionÂBroken pipe.
org.eclipse.ecf.protocol.nntp.core.internal.ServerConnectionÂServer news.eclipse.org timed out
91 No input received within 10 seconds (overview.fmt not supported by this server)

Only exquisitus userId seems to be working.

I got the same exception when I tried Salvo RCP product. Seems to be Eclipse newsgroup has a problem of authenticating users via their bugzilla Ids.


Isuru Udana

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