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[ecf-dev] DS and zookeeper

Hi all,

i'm trying to configure the hello service example using declarative service, but using zookeeper instead of zeroconf.
To do this, i have clone the launch configuration of Hello DS host (zerocong, generic) and change plugin org.eclipse.ecf.provider.jmdns by plugins org.apache.hadoop.zookeeper and org.eclipse.ecf.provider.zookeeper (both with autostart=true). i also change launch configuration to add new parameters -Dzoodiscovery.dataDir=zookeeperdata2

when i launch new Hello DS host configuration, i can see that zooDiscovery is started ( trace ZooDiscovery> Discovery Service Activated ), but when i check hello service status, it's configured but no bundle is using it.

i did the same thing with the client configuration (launch parameters -Dzoodiscovery.autoStart=true; -Dzoodiscovery.flavor=zoodiscovery.flavor.standalone=localhost:2001;clientPort=2002), but when i launch it, it doesn't work.

need additional parameters, or zoodiscovey doen't work with DS?

thanks in advance.