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[ecf-dev] How to consume HelloWorld remote OSGI Samples in eclipse platform

Hi devs,

I'm quite new to remote OSGI stuff and trying to get a working sample
using ECF.  I noticed that there is a hello world sample host and a
client in the ECF release distribution.
(p2 -repo). But after several tries I still could not get the sample
to a working state. The problem is, I dont know the exact set of
bundles to be selected, when configuring the OSGI runtime and I ended
up with some kind of error. :(

also I tried to look in to the source of the developed apps. I found a
link here [1] . But unfortunately the provided .psf file fails while
importing the project, giving an authentication failure. Could you
please direct me to some sort of documentation.

[1] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Using_ECF_Remote_Services_Bundles_separate_from_the_ECF_SDK

help is much appreciated.