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[ecf-dev] Can I use Remote OSGI services with jar released in 2009.05.20

hi devs,

I have a server side application that uses  equinox 3.5 , V2009.05.20
as its framework impl. It uses the ECF jars versioned as 3.0.0
I want to do a quick POC on OSGI remote services on our platfrom. Is
it possible to implement OSGI remote services using above released
versions. ?

Then again when I tried to get some ecf required jars from the ECF
site, I couldnt find any of the old zip files of ECF distributions. I
didnt try the latest
ECF distribution since my current eclipse/equinox jars used by the
platform are old ones. (3.5)

help is much appreciated,

Pradeep Fernando.