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Re: [ecf-dev] Problem regarding hello.ds examples.

 Hi Jeff,

On 9/16/2010 1:23 PM, Jeff Hamm wrote:
HI Scott,

I just realized when I said that I was seeing the warning

WARNING: Port 9278 already in use. This instance of R-OSGi is running on port 9279

I see that this is appearing when I start the client side, not the server side. I have gone through my .product file to try and figure out where this is coming from to no avail. What would be causing this message to appear on the client side? Should I disable r-OSGI for client instance when I run it?

That shouldn't be necessary. It's OK that r-OSGi runs on port 9279 on the consumer/client...as the example consumer doesn't expose any remote services. Of course if it did (or is modified to do so), then this would make a difference.

BTW, I've released to HEAD the new version of the IHello remote service interface (i.e. with HelloMessage), along with changes to example host and consumer.