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Re: [ecf-dev] OSGi Container bundles for Eclipse Remote Service tutorial

On 08/17/2010 09:40 AM, Nicholas Loulloudes wrote:

> A user discovers the available services provided by the  Zookeeper host.
> Then selects and registers to a service of interest.

I would take the ECF discovery UI approach. The UI is provider
independent, meaning it can work with Zookeeper, mDNS, SLP at once and
it allows to add service type handlers that could realize the "register
to service" logic. As an example check the ui.browser bundle [0].

> Finally, the user gets notified about changes to this service, (i.e
> addition or removal of information published by such a service).

Discovery events do not always map 1:1 to service life cycle events.
E.g. a service might not be discoverable although it is still serving
requests and vice versa.
We always meant to support this scenario in ECF discovery UI, though
have not found somebody willing to provider a patch that adds some


[0] org.eclipse.ecf.discovery.ui.browser