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[ecf-dev] push to github using eGit

Hi Folks,

I discovered by experiencing this problem myself that eGit 0.8.0 (Helios release version) has a problem with pushing to the github repository. The problem seems to be summarized by this bug:


From the bug, it seems that the fix/workaround (until the bug is fixed in eGit and everyone has the new version) is pretty simple...just add the 'pushurl' to the appropriate section of the .git/config file. See this comment


I've done this myself, and when I do so (for the given repository), it *does* allow me to use eGit 0.8.0 to push specifications to the ECF github repo (i.e. any of the ones available here [1]).

Just thought others might be running into this and would like to know.


[1] http://github.com/ECF