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[ecf-dev] CVS PSF Access versus GIT for NON committers


When I stumbled upon the demise of ecf1 (which i knew but did not think it would impact me), i tried to think of a way that user can easily pull in example code and concluded that there is no easy way currently with git e.g. no PSF access [1].

1. The user needs to install git
2. The user needs to pull down the complete repository
   (goto 2 if the required bundles are scattered around git repositories)
3. The user needs to checkout the desired project into the workspace  

Although I am in favor of moving to git from a committer perspective, this gives reason for concern looking at non-committers and occ. users..

<few hours later>

With github I have managed to make an acceptable solution. The github site gives a an option to download all projects into a zip. Individual projects from the zip can then be checked out by using the import function. Still, psf support, if at all possible, would be very nice.

[1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=321314