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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF build v2 -- Build easier

Hi Markus,

I would be very interested indeed to hear the answer to that question.

Some background: through the introduction of the SAT4j boolean satisfiability solver, to deal with dependencies, the door has been set ajar for a 'savant' approach to building. I can imagine that the build plan can be formulated as a SAT problem, which can be applied to the entire build environment, way beyond what it is used for, today.

Through inferencing, a build agent can deduct a plan from a request to build something. That plan can include populating the workspace, download dependent projects, finding those projects in the right repositories, provision required plug-ins, to build, package, publish... . Well, you get the idea.

From that perspective, Buckminster, and the set of disparate XML dialects it uses to describe artifact meta-data , might already be obsolete.

Best regards,