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[ecf-dev]Customize selection of RemoteServices Providers to expose / consume a service

Title: [ecf-dev]Customize selection of RemoteServices Providers to expose / consume a service

Hi all,

in http://dev.eclipse.org/mhonarc/lists/ecf-dev/msg02281.html as well as in today’s conf call Scott described and asked for comments about the newest additions to RFC 119 / Distributed OSGi support: the IProxyContainerFinder / IHostContainerFinder interfaces as a way to customize the selection of ECF Remote Services Providers to expose / consume a service.

I think that this extensions are important means for application developers / ECF extenders and starting here a new thread to discuss them and try to uncover missing point if there are some.

When looking closely at the IHostContainerFinder interface:

public interface IHostContainerFinder {

        public IRemoteServiceContainer[] findHostContainers(

                        ServiceReference serviceReference, String[] remoteInterfaces,

                        String[] remoteConfigurationType, String[] remoteRequiresIntents);

Ive got the impression that a it fulfills two tasks:

1.      Check which provider is capable to expose the service (based on interface, intents, configuration, )

2.      Select from multiple suitable providers the ones which should actually take care of service exposure

Is my understanding correct?

If yes:  Task 1. requires very good knowledge of each available provider is the implementer of IHostContainerFinder extension point supposed to have it?

This capability check is also required at the client/proxy side, to be taken care by IProxyContainerFinder?



P.S.: just a minor remark: Given that this extension point selects the providers from the available ones and not really finds them, maybe we should rename it to something like xxxContainerSelector?