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[ecf-dev] ECF Reminders: Bi-weekly conference calls and upcoming EclipseCon submissions

Hi Folks,

As reminder, next conference call for ECF is Tuesday, 11/6/07:


Happily, there is a lot happening with ECF these days, and lots more to be happening in the future.

Please take a look at the ECF 2.0M4 plans coming out of last week's conference call:


And comment on the ecf-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx mailing list.

Also consider submitting a talk about ECF (or something you are doing with ECF) to EclipseCon 2008:


If you are going to do this or even just thinking about it, please post to this ECF newsgroup and ecf-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx so that others will be aware of your ideas...and perhaps further collaboration can/will occur.