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[ecf-dev] Optionally Using ECF Functionality

Scott ~

  Sorry, somehow your response slipped past me.  I found it in the list archive:

Is this for an Eclipse-based app or something else (e.g. an RCP app)?

  Yes, eclipse based.  We're just releasing some plugins.

Well, I suppose that we could add an extension point that by schema passed a container name (e.g. ecf.irc.irclib), targetID (e.g. irc://username@hostname:port/channel), and (opt) password onto a class that created the container, connected to it, and displayed the ChatRoomManagerView. The bot API already has an extension point somewhat like this...(org.eclipse.ecf.presence.bot.chatRoomRobot).

I'm not immediately sure where such an extension point should go, however...and it's not clear to me how the view that was opened would 'know' which perspective (yours) that it should display in (i.e. without some 'advisor' interface...which would result in an ECF code dependency [intf] as well).

So I'm not against it, but I don't yet know how (or where) exactly to implement such an extension point.
Hmm, well I'm pretty sure we can invoke the view just by passing it's ID (String).  But as far as the internal mechanics go, yeah I'm not too clear on this either.  We can take a look at it here.  It's been several months since I've been arm-deep in Eclipse development to be honest.  As a potential consumer of ECF (again, day job), ECF's value increases significantly if I can integrate without depending on it.