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[ecf-dev] RT Shared Editing and Mustafa's email address

Hi everybody,

great talking to you all!

Thanks Scott for putting in the effort and besides other things,
setting up the weekly conference call.

As requested by the end of our talk, here is the link to the wiki
documentation on the real-time shared editor


The nitty-gritty material on the theoretical side of the collaboration
mechanism is almost complete, it will be by tomorrow.

After that I'll turn to the networking aspect of things. And finally
the integration into eclipse.
I'd very much like to hear what you think of the wiki documentation.
So please feel free to contact me on it.

By the way, the best way to reach me is via either email or the
googletalk IM. My email address and googletalk alias are the same:


Have a nice day/night,


Bernard: Hey, Dr. Fred! We have to DO something!
Dr. Fred: What do you suggest, college boy? No diamond for the central
unit, no power for the Chron-O-Johns, a mutant monster of my own
creation roaming the countryside, taking over the world! It's a dark
day for mad science.
Bernard: What if we unpollute the river?
Dr. Fred: I could just shut off my Sludge-O-Matic, but it is too late--
Bernard: You have a machine whose sole function is producing toxic waste?!?
Dr. Fred: You can't have a high-tech laboratory like this and NOT spew
poisonous filth! All the other mad scientists would laugh!
[Day of the Tentacle, 1993]