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Re: [e4-dev] e4 and EMF-Databinding

Tom, thanks a lot for doing this...with the advent of tablets many of the 'standard' UI paradigms are being revisited / revamped and ensuring that e4 can be used *directly* on new platforms is a real win.

Do you (or anyone else..;-) know if someone has tried to do an Android rendering implementation? It would be really interesting to see how well the model maps onto the tablet UI's metaphors...

Perhaps we should start discussing what new package structures we need to reflect this. Also we might start looking to see if we can refactor JFace to allow viewers for non-SWT platforms...

I have to say that SWT still brings very significant advantages to enterprise applications where its cross-platform abilities are more important than the complete flexibility that the direct API gives. Having said that it's also very, very important to e4's success that it allows adoption of the new UI platforms (at least those that use Java...;-).

Keep it up,

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Date: 05/09/2011 04:01 AM
Subject: [e4-dev] e4 and EMF-Databinding
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I gave a talk last week at Jax presenting EMF-Databinding [1]. The thing
I'm writing here is because the small sample application I used to
present the main Databinding concepts is build using e4.

Beside demonstrating the "boring" thing to use EMF-Databinding together
with SWT/JFace I also added an example on how to use it with Swing and
to make an e4 application possible I had to author a minimum swing
renderer implementation (nothing more than a proof of concept). You can
see a screenshot of it on my blog [2].

You might ask why I'm investing time into a Swing Rendering proof of
concept and well I don't want to start a flame war here but from my
personal experience talking to people at conferences (even EclipseCon)
and most important customers. More and more people get unhappy with the
inflexibility of SWT to write nice looking UIs. Even though we made good
progress on bringing CSS into the game I'm seeing us loosing more and
more ground in this area which is a bit disappointing.


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