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Re: [dtp-connect-dev] Re: [dtp-dev] Eclipse jee ganymede 3.4 RC4 >> generic jdbc firebird drive >> Schema "null" cannot be resolved for table XXXXX

At this point it may just be that the Jaybird JDBC driver isn't providing what the generic catalog loader (which provides the catalog/schema/tables/procedure/etc. to the data source explorer tree) is expecting.

In Eclipse 3.3 there were also different issues when no catalog was present, but they were fixed. I did not check Eclipse 3.4

Why don't you add an enhancement request for the DTP Enablement project to add Firebird support and we can look into that for the next release?

As I said in my previous email, I have created DTP extension to support Firebird, but for Eclipse 3.3 and I have no time to support it. If you are ready to take care of it, I can contribute the code to DTP project.