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Re: [dsdp-mtj-dev] Fwd: Project set update & existing bugs...

The main reason that they are marked for the future current committers and contributors do not have the bandwidth to deal with them so contributions are encouraged.
Keep in mind that we are on the end game for 1.0 release so new features and API changes are very unlikely to be accepted for 1.0. They will probably go to a post 1.0 release.

On Wed, May 20, 2009 at 2:18 PM, Dan Murphy <dgemurphy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Incidentally, I was hoping to offer a hand fixing some defects, but it seems that most have been marked as target: future. Does this mean you don't want contributions till after V1 is released ? If not, am I free to cheery pick and contribute what I can ?

best regards,

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From: Dan Murphy <dgemurphy@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: 2009/5/19
Subject: Project set update
To: Mobile Tools for The Java Platform mailing list <dsdp-mtj-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Chaps,

It seems that jetty has been missed out of the team project set (form both anonymous and committer). Without the change I couldn't build.
Trivial to fix, but attached are the updated versions.... perhaps some could update the web site.


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