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[dsdp-mtj-dev] Barebones ISDK integration


Please find attached a patch for a barebones ISDK integration with the IDevice. It is somewhat of a hack from the implementation perspective, but allows the ISDK interface to be tied into the IDevice interface as we intend in the long run. It also allows the ISDK implementation to work correctly, if in a semi-backwards manner. Basically, from the outside looking in, things are "correct"... but the implementation is a pure hack to keep the changes to an absolute minimum to keep the 1.0 risk to the minimum.

I'd appreciate thoughts from those that are affected. Given the short runway, that feedback needs to be soon. If the patch is OK with everyone, I'm wondering if Diego or Gustavo could apply the patch? My week will be very busy with soccer beyond tonight and I'm not sure if I would have time to actually apply the patch and check it in beyond tonight. I just didn't feel comfortable committing this late in the schedules without agreement from the larger group.


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