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Re: [cdt-dev] codan: lint integration

Hi Alena,

On Fri, Apr 30, 2010 at 1:14 PM, Alena Laskavaia <elaskavaia.cdt@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I want to write flexelint integration using codan.
The question is - where do I put it.

The options are"
a) do not commit to cdt
b) make part of current codan examples plugin (would be hard to
separate if somebody wants just it)
c) make another plugin in codan
c.1) just commit to cvs and don't include in ditribution
c.2) commit as plugin and include in codan feature
any suggestions?
Flexelint is a commercial tool and I think it would be appropriate to have a separate plugin for that and not a part of CDT.
We also use Flexelint and I even wrote a plugin for it a while ago which I can share for the cause, or I can share ideas. 
If you wondering what it would contain:
- error parser, customized by flexelint format file (it is not trivial
because it has multiline errors)
I believe GCC error parser can handle most of the messages and I added handling of "Note:" and "Info:" in there (taking advantage of being a committer). You can customize flexelint messages to comply to the format via command line, I recall you can format even multiline messages but it was a while ago.
- extension for problem details which would have a link to problem
documentation from their web-site
- possibly some quick fixes (such as adding comment to not show again)
We have some quick fixes but it is always good to have more.

Working with flexelint errors, the workflow is slightly different as often you want to focus on one kind of problem. I found that it is beneficial to have a special view for problem markers categorizing by the kind. I'll take a closer look at my old plugin on Monday.


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