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Re: [cdt-dev] Refactoring in CDT

On Wednesday 25 March 2009 18:31:41 Simon Chemouil wrote:
> > My guess is yes, depending on what the benefit to all CDT users might be
> > compared to the cost of integrating your changes (those sorts of patches
> > tend to be big, and thus a lot of work).  I submitted a small
> > refactoring for 6.0, and found the CDT team to be very supportive and
> > accepting.  It probably helped that I used their existing framework and
> > design patterns as much as possible, and included lots of tests to
> > reduce the risk of adding that feature.
> I will try to do likewise, again thanks for your advices! I'll also be
> waiting for some feedback from the CDT team regarding my endeavor

Contributions and good ideas are welcome, following the Tom's advices will 
speedup the process.