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Re: [cdt-dev] Toolchain behavior in plugin

2009/3/12 Paul Steckler <Paul.Steckler@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Elena Laskavaia wrote:
>> I doubt anybody knows the answer, you have to debug it and find out why yourself. If you resolve it post it here, and we will know too.
> Well, I was hoping that this issue was familiar to someone.
> After much trial and error, I discovered that I needed to call setArtifactname() on the Configuration
> object associated with the project.

If it's non-obvious or behaviour you believe to be a bug, perhaps you
could file a bug  and/or add an entry to the developer FAQ?

I think most people who use this stuff discover niggles, trace through
the code and workaround them.  It'd be great to track this in a bug


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