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[cdt-dev] PDOM and IASTTranslationUnit


in a workspace I have a Managed C++ project and I want to parse only abstract classes in workspace. Any idea how this can be achieved using PDOM? (I am using CDT 3.1.2)

I tried CDOM.getInstance() way, but its very slow (and performance goes bad if I have more than 1 managed C++ project), because it tries to visit all files in included PATH. (around 200+ files).
I just want to parse header files and get abstract classes.
Also I tried translationUnit.getLanaguage().getASTTranalationUnit(...., AST_SKIP_ALL_HEADERS option. not working for me either.

I checked CCorePlugin.getPOMManager(), but it has some unimplmented things, so it fails to give if function is PureVirtual.

any pointers? using indexer? how?

Thanks in advance for your help