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RE: [cdt-dev] Context for the console

The problem with bug 34052 is that it was broken intermediately during 3.4 development (bug 217922).
It is already fixed again, but the fix is not yet part of a milestone build, ie. 3.4 M5 still contains the bug.
You could try an integration build if you can't wait for 3.4 M6.


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> Hi all,
>     I have just installed Ganymede version of Eclipse. I have merged 
> ganymede with the cdt plugin released with Europe release  
> but crtl+D in 
> a console doesn't work. Darin Wrigth coments in 34052 bug to resolve 
> this problem: " Defined a context for the console (debug.ui plugin 
> XML)....". Does anybody know the meaning of "context for the console".
> Thanks in advance
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