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Re: [cdt-dev] Adding a new tool to MBS

You have to specify in the inputType in question to use a variable.  This
can be whatever name you wish, MBS will generate the makefile such that all
files of that type are assigned to that variable name in the makefile.


Chris Recoskie
Team Lead, IBM CDT Team
IBM Toronto

  From:   Derek Morris <dmsubs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>                              
  To:     "CDT General developers list." <cdt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>             
  Date:   04/12/2006 08:00 AM                                              
  Subject Re: [cdt-dev] Adding a new tool to MBS                           

Further to this, I found the 'secondaryOutputs' attribute of a toolchain,
looks like what I want.

Unfortunately, I can't get it to work for me.

Looking at the generated makefile, it adds a secondary_outputs target which

references a (generated) buildVariable. Unfortunately the buildVariable is
assigned, so it doesn't build my secondaryOutput.

I tried using the EXECUTABLES variable but that cause it to build something

called USER_OBJS instead of my target name...


Derek Morris wrote:
> Could it be done with a fake tool? For example, from a .exe, I want to
> create 3 additional files .a, .b and .c, could I define those three
> tools and then a fourth (which is the subject of the TargetTool) which
> does nothing, but is dependent on .a, .b and .c?
> Thanks
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