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Re: [cdt-dev] Full Indexer in CDT3.0 doesn't work

Thanks, Chip,

One of the next things I want to put together is a
troubleshooting guide on the web site that can walk
you through things like this. You are absolutely
correct, it is difficult to get a good index,
especially if you are doing a standard make project.
But there are ways to make it work and these need to
be documented.


--- Chip Chapin <cchapin@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Out of curiousity, did this work any better for you
> with CDT 2.1?
> I've found that there are a lot of gotchas in
> getting good indexing with 
> CDT on our source tree, but I am having much better
> results with 3.0 
> than with 2.1. 
> Some things to consider.  I'm still figuring this
> out and would be glad 
> to hear more authoritative comments ...
>  -- Keep your workspace small.
>  -- Keep your workspace, and possibly your source
> files as well,on a 
> local file system (not NFS).
>  -- Do a build.  The indexer discovers additional
> information from the 
> build output.
>  -- Set your include paths carefully.  In our build
> environment this 
> takes a lot of work because of the way we handle
> certain generated 
> files.  Fortunately the "Problems" tab in eclipse
> will tell you when 
> include paths are missing.
>  -- Be patient, the indexer can be slow. 
> If javaw is running at 100% and eclipse has stopped
> responding then you 
> might as well kill eclipse and restart it.  But I
> would not necessarily 
> blame CDT.  I see it happen when I'm doing Python
> and other stuff as well.
> Chip
> Zhou Fei wrote:
> >Hi all!
> >I have install CDT3.0 on eclipse 3.1,
> >but, when I select the "full indexer" option, javaw
> endless ocupied
> >100% usage,  and lost response.
> >I have to select "No indexer"
> >How to make full indexer work?
> >Thank you all!
> >
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