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RE: [cdt-dev] CDT 3.0 Closing

Hi folks,

Here's a summary of the call today and closing items for 3.0:

1. Remaining open defects

Moved to future:
53174 - will be moved to future
82077 - will be moved to future, investigate the windows handle leak
83566 - move to future

Look at fixing by Wedneday:
10929 - Mikhail will look at a possible fix
92446 - defect reopened today; Alain will assess and fix (if possible) by
100992 - Constructor/destructor breakpoints, Alain and JohnC will look at a
fix for this

104421 - all agreed this has to be fixed for 3.0. It will require a change
to CDI. Mikhail and Alain will work on addressing this. Mikhail will also
send out the proposed CDI interface change for review.
102195 - Due to serious issues, the sugestion to disable the C++ browsing
perspective and type hierarchy for 3.0, and revisit/rework for 3.1. We will
send out another email to discuss the impact of this.

2. EPL and IP

On the EPL front, we are now clean and all shipping code has been
relicensed. On the IP front, we need to do a review of the contributors
(patch/feature submitters). I will send a list to the mailing list for

3. Docs

The cutoff for the doc updates is August 12th. IBM will be done all their
doc review and updates by Wednesday (27th). Intel will be polishing the MBS
docs (user and extensibility doc) in the next 2 weeks. QNX will be doing
reviews of the docs and has offered to gather additional input/content for

4. Testing

James Tan requested that we allot a few days for testing of the final RC to
ensure we get more coverage and depth. It was also suggested others who are
doing 3.0 testing state their intentions on the mailing list.

5. Quality

Core (with the exception noted above), Debug and MBS are all happy with the
quality of 3.0 and the improvements/scalability/bugfixes made over 2.1.1.