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RE: [cdt-dev] One more question about developing CDT

Hi Garra,

You have to connect to the Eclipse repository.

Please read the User FAQ and the Developer FAQ. They are available on the
CDT homepage

You may also want to read the main Eclipse FAQ (www.eclipse.org), since many
of the issues surrounding developing with Eclipse are valid for developing
the CDT.


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> Subject: [cdt-dev] One more question about developing CDT
>   Hi again :))! 
>  One more question, guys.
>  As far as I understand in order to develop CDT I have to 
> have source code of CDT. Am I right? But there is no any 
> source code in the last CDT 
> release(cdt_eclipse_initial_20020710.zip). Where can I get it?
>  Thanks for all who haven't tired of my question!!! :)) 
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