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Re: [cbi-dev] eclipse-jarsigner-plugin on husdson.eclipse.org

Hi Igor

Thanks for the quick heads-up. I'll try to install the jarsigner into my local repo.

What would be the workaround?


Stephan Leicht Vogt

BSI Business Systems Integration AG
Täfernstrasse 16a, CH-5405 Baden
T +41 56 484 19 47

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eclipse-jarsigner-plugin is not published to any maven repository yet and I do not believe there is currently supported hosted maven repository we can use. You need to manually install the plugin to maven local repository used by your build.

Also, I am not sure if the signing service setup on build.eclipse.org will work on hudson.eclipse.org and all its slaves. I'd double check with webmaster.


On 12-07-24 1:52 PM, Stephan Leicht Vogt wrote:
> Hi Everyone
> I'm switching our builds from PDE-Custom-Build to CBI/Tycho/Maven Build.
> I allready can package allmost all our features and started to put the 
> build on the eclipse hudson server [1]. But unfortunatly I'm not able 
> to sign the packages with the eclipse-jarsigner-plugin as it is done 
> in the CBI-Platform Project. What am I missing? Do I need to put a 
> special maven repo in my pom?
> Thanks for any help and greetings
> Stephan
> [1]: https://hudson.eclipse.org/hudson/job/cbi-scout_rt-3.9-nightly
> Stephan Leicht Vogt
> *BSI**Business Systems Integration AG* Täfernstrasse 16a, CH-5405 
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