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Re: [buckminster-dev] buckminster.download.source=true causes failure

Hi Thomas,

I'm using Buckminster v 1.4.0.v20110712-1350

I have a plug-in org.h2 in maven but there is no source plug-in.

When Buckminster downloads the plug-in it adds the .source dependency with the eclipse.p2.optional filter.

But when Buckminster then tries to fetch the org.h2.source plug-in there is no filter on it, so Buckminster considers it to not be optional, it is required. Somewhere the org.h2.source request loses the optional filter, and I think it is to do with the dependencies on the ResolvedNode (its child nodes) not being the same as the dependencies in the resolution.cspec.dependencies. When I step through the code, the ResolvedNode child which is the org.h2.source does not have a filter (it is null) but when I look at the resolution.cspec.dependency which is org.h2.source the filter is there.
But the ResolverNodeWithJob.buildTree() method uses the ResolvedNode children rather than the resolution children, so there is no filter.

I've just tried it with a test plug-in and it works, though!


Ah! So, if I have an advisor node in my cquery with pattern org.h2 (I'm only overriding the version specifier), THAT is when the resolver fails on the org.h2.source and THAT is when the filter is null.

Any ideas?