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Re: [buckminster-dev] buckminster.download.source=true causes failure

On 2011-09-06 17:34, Alan Underwood wrote:
Okay, so there is a problem in the ResolverNodeWithJob.buildTree() method, or at least, its dependent objects.
The code loops through the dependencies of the ResolvedNode to create its child queries, which have not got the filter
applied to them. The Resolution.cspec.dependencies however, do have the eclipse.p2.optional filter set. So I guess there
is a problem where the cspec is having the .source plug-in dependency added with filter, but the Resolved node is not
including that filter when it adds those plug-in dependencies.

Then when the ResourceMap.resolve() method calls request.isOptional(), having failed to resolve the .source plug-in, the
ComponentRequest.filter field is null, so the whole Buckminster resolution is counted as a failure.

Definitely a bug.

I find it odd that I've never encountered this bug although we resolve with source in all our builds. I know for sure that many bundles doesn't come with source.

Can you give me a bit more detail about your set up and what kind of errors you see? What version of Bucky are you using?

- thomas