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Re: [bpel-dev] Is there any way to extract the exporting bpel process as image API from BPELDesigner?


The dependency on BPELMultipageEditorPart is only required as a way to get to the contained GEF GraphicalViewer. At the very least your code needs to render the root Figure somehow and this includes loading/parsing the BPEL process file. I think it's going to be very difficult to extract only those bits you need to get the job done without having to create a BPEL editor instance, but have a look at the org.eclipse.bpel.compare.ui plugin - this does a visual compare of two BPEL files.

This sounds like it should be an API enhancement or possibly a new utility plugin. Can you please create an API feature enhancement request here:



----- Original Message -----
> Hello, everyone
> My team try to integrate BPELDesigner into our SOA framework. We need
> to
> develop a management system to manage BPEL processes. We would like
> to
> visualize BPEL process in the management system. I know the
> BPELDesigner
> can export the process as a image, so I try to extract this feature
> to
> meet our need. However, when I read the corresponding code, I found
> the
> saveBPELAsImage method in class
> org.eclipse.bpel.ui.actions.SaveImageAction is heavily depend on the
> class org.eclipse.bpel.ui.BPELMultipageEditorPart.
> I think it may be tricky to extract saveBPELAsImage API. I'm here to
> seek suggestions, any hints maybe help.
> Thinks!
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