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[bpel-dev] BPEL Designer v1.0 release review

Hi all,

We're trying to push through a version 1.0 and graduation review for BPEL Designer in time for Juno M7, so I've been going through the list of open bugs and closing the ones I know have been fixed. I ran across this: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=332926 in the SMILA project Bugzilla. After some digging, I found that the SMILA project now also uses javax.wsdl 1.6.2 but there is still a bundle-version[1.5.0,1.6.0) dependency in /trunk/tooling/org.eclipse.smila.designer.model. Is this a problem?

The reason I ask is because the BPEL Designer will be using javax.wsdl 1.6.2 because it works with this version and this is already in Orbit so no new CQs would be required. I just wanted to make sure this is going to be compatible with the current SMILA version.


Robert ("Bob") Brodt
Senior Software Engineer
JBoss by Red Hat