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Re: [bpel-dev] Update sites and Builds


Le 17/04/2012 16:08, Bob Brodt a Ãcrit :
I've been poking around on build.eclipse.org (via ssh) trying to figure out where all of the bpel bits live. It looks like the hudson build artifacts are going to /opt/public/soa/bpel/0.8.0 and /opt/public/soa/bpel/juno.
Yes, this is where we move the build results.
Not all the build results, only those of the Juno job.
We take the created update site, we pack and sign it, and then we archive it there.

The Helios job (bpel-0.5) is only used to check the compatibility between the code and Helios.

There are also bpel artifacts on /shared/jobs/bpel-0.5 and /shared/jobs/bpel-juno.
That must be Hudson's working directories for our jobs.

Finally the public update sites are in /home/data/httpd/download.eclipse.org/bpel/site and this is where I've been publishing the stuff from /shared/jobs/bpel-0.5 manually after a successful build.
This is the promotion place.
When we have a build we consider as valid, we should move it from /opt/public/soa/bpel/... to the download part.
What we could also do, is to directly push the build results on /home/data/httpd/download.eclipse.org/bpel/
In that case, we would have sub-directories for versions (0.8, 1.0, etc).

That was my questions last time.
By the way, I still have to ask to rename the Hudson job bpel-0.5 into bpel-helios.
I will also ask to remove /opt/public/soa/bpel/juno, since we now use the version in the directory name.



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