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Re: [birt-report-designer-dev] Deploy hibernate ODA

Thank you Wenfeng for your replay,
My problem may be better desribing as following :
In my plugin claspath I refer to some jar files existing in "myPlugin root/lib", those jars exist in my deployed ear file so all their classes are loaded at the application startup. I want that my deployed plugin uses the loaded application classes and not those existing in "myPlugin root/lib" i.e I want to remove this jars entry from the plugin classpath because they are loaded by the application so my question is : how to use application loaded classes from my plugin ?

2008/2/26, Wenfeng Li <wli@xxxxxxxxxxx>:



Could you log a bugzilla entry at bugs.eclipse.org , choosing BIRT as the project, and engine as the component?   It will be a great help if you can attach your ODA driver and associated test file (an ear file?)  please also specify the app server you use in the bugzilla.






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Hi all,


I have posted this issue in the eclipse birt new group but I got any replay, and because its very urgent for me I shoose to send my question to this mail group :http://www.eclipse.org/newsportal/article.php?id=26294&group=eclipse.birt#26294


I have developped a custom ODA Driver given the Hibernate ODA as example. My custom Driver load an ear file, extract entities from this ear and query data using the metadata of this entities. In the design steps (using Eclipse) every thing works well, but the problème was in deploying steps. For this purpose, I have copied my plugin under web-inf/plateform/plugins. I want to know how to resolve the classpath problem : I want to use the jars from the deployed ear and not from the declared classpath (In Manifestfile) then I removed the jars entries from Manifest file and the lib folder. When I call my report xml file I have the folowin error : NullPointerException at org.eclipse.birt.report.engine.toc.TOCBuilder.write(TOCBuilder.java:160)

Have you any idea about this problem , its very urgent for me.

Your replay will be very appreciated.




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