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[auto-iwg] Changed location of F2F meeting in Toulouse

Dear Auto IWG members,

I'd like to announce a change of the location where the upcoming Auto IWG F2F meeting will be held. The reason for that is that the Polarsys IWG [1] is also going to have a F2F meeting in Toulouse and on the same day as us. As there are multiple topics and and interests that we have in common with them (e.g., qualification kits, long term support), we came to the conclusion that we just cannot miss the chance to get personally in touch with them, do a part of the meeting together (probably in the afternoon, to be precised), and - maybe most importantly - have lunch, dinner, etc. altogether.

Therefore, the new venue for the Auto IWG F2F meeting may 23 in Toulouse will be:
  2 Rue Charles Camichel [3]
  31000 Toulouse

We are convinced that this little organizational change will be a big benefit for both IWGs and hope that proceeding this way is OK with everyone.

GaÃl Blondelle from Polarsys has kindly offered to help organizing the catering for both meetings. We now need your help to get an idea of how many meals, coffee cups etc. should be ordered. I therefore have opened a Doodle poll [4] and would kindly ask you to go there and check the slots where you plan to be present. As things need some time to get prepared properly the deadline for doing this is *Tuesday, May 15* in the evening.

Reminder: The Eclipse Day Toulouse which takes place on May 24, the day right after the Auto IWG F2F meeting takes place at 
  Hotel Palladia [5]
  271 Avenue de Grande Bretagne [6]
  31000 Toulouse

If you need help for finding accommodation in Toulouse please refer to the Polarsys wiki [7] - they have added some useful tips there.

Last but not least: As of today, the M7 build of the Eclipse IDE for Automotive Software Developers went public [8]. In contrast to before, it now contains only the runtime feature but no longer the sources and developer documentation. This has help to dramatically reduce the size of the package from previously 330MB to now 178 MB.

[1] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Polarsys
[2] http://www.enseeiht.fr
[3] http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Rue+Charles+Camichel,+31000+Toulouse,+France&z=16
[4] http://www.doodle.com/sdzhepn4z4ynhtiu
[5] http://www.hotelpalladia.com/en/seminars.html
[6] http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=fr&geocode=&q=Hotel+Palladia&aq=&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=59.119059,135.263672&vpsrc=0&ie=UTF8&hq=Hotel+Palladia&hnear=&radius=15000&t=m&z=13&iwloc=A&cid=17966970734430315885
[7] http://wiki.eclipse.org/Polarsys/ToulouseMay2012Meeting#Accommodation
[8] http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/index-developer.php

I'm looking forward to meeting you all soon!

Kind regards,

Dr. Stephan Eberle
Director Research & Development France

Mobile: +33 (0)6 64 18 39 10 (preferred)
Phone: +33 (0)1 41 22 12 45

Web: http://www.itemis.de
Mail: stephan.eberle@xxxxxxxxxx
Xing: http://www.xing.com/profile/Stephan_Eberle
LinkedIn: http://fr.linkedin.com/in/seberle

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