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Re: [aspectj-users] How to lauch aspectjweaver at runtime?

Hi Santhosh,
you have two options:
- control the class loading of your servlets and use one of the weaving classloaders provided by AspectJ.
- weave all the JARs and the classes in your WAR at build time, and deploy a WAR with aspects already weaved in, using ajc (command line, ant task, or maven plugin), and the inpath option.

I prefer the second option :
- taking control of classloading in a JEE environment is never a "good thing"
- the weaver has a memory footprint, it is not important during build, but can be during runtime
- the weaver introduces a startup delay (cause classes are weaved while loaded), from something monolithic like a WAR it's better to spend that time during the build than at each deploy of the webapp


2010/6/15 Santhosh Thatipally <santhosh.thatipally@xxxxxxxxxx>

We are using the aspjectJ 1.6.8 version and currently we are launching it using the JVM -javaagent option.


How we can launch the aspect weaver at runtime? Like from a servlet.






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