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[aspectj-users] Performance of marker recreation

Hi Andrew,


I believe you are the one you can answer this question.


I am having a problem with the time it takes to delete and create the AJDT specific markers. I know that it runs asynchronous but it locks parts of the workspace so that other jobs may need to wait for the marker creation to finish before being able to run. This happens for example when I save a modified file or the incremental compilation kicks in.


I would like to share the times it takes in my workspace. Maybe you can comment on the times. I find them to be very high and it really is a problem working like this.


Here’s the output from the AJDT Trace view:


14:35:58 AspectJ reports build successful, build was: FULL

14:35:58 AJDE Callback: finish. Was full build: true

14:35:58 Timer event: 3384ms: Total time spent in AJDE

14:35:58 Timer event: 0ms: Refresh after build

14:35:58 Types affected during build = 25

14:35:58 Crosscutting model sanity checked with no problems

14:35:58 Timer event: 123ms: Model sanity check for: com.dcx.ivkmds._45_export_import.test.ass

14:35:58 Timer event: 7756ms: Total time spent in AJBuilder.build()

14:36:0 Timer event: 102ms: Update visualizer, xref, advice listeners for (separate thread): com.dcx.ivkmds._45_export_import.test.ass

14:36:5 Timer event: 2292ms: Delete markers: com.dcx.ivkmds.application.test.common (Finished deleting markers for com.dcx.ivkmds.application.test.common)

14:36:5 Timer event: 0ms: Create markers: com.dcx.ivkmds.application.test.common (Finished creating markers for com.dcx.ivkmds.application.test.common)

14:36:5 Timer event: 2301ms: Delete markers: com.dcx.ivkmds._50_reports.test.ass (Finished deleting markers for com.dcx.ivkmds._50_reports.test.ass)

14:36:5 Created 0 markers in 1 files

14:36:5 Timer event: 2284ms: Delete markers: com.dcx.ivkmds.application.test.rcs.standalone (Finished deleting markers for com.dcx.ivkmds.application.test.rcs.standalone)

14:36:5 Timer event: 1ms: Create markers: com.dcx.ivkmds.application.test.rcs.standalone (Finished creating markers for com.dcx.ivkmds.application.test.rcs.standalone)

14:36:5 Created 0 markers in 1 files

14:36:6 Timer event: 3284ms: Delete markers: com.dcx.ivkmds.fwk.test.common (Finished deleting markers for com.dcx.ivkmds.fwk.test.common)

14:36:6 Timer event: 0ms: Create markers: com.dcx.ivkmds.fwk.test.common (Finished creating markers for com.dcx.ivkmds.fwk.test.common)

14:36:6 Created 0 markers in 2 files

14:36:6 Timer event: 3236ms: Delete markers: com.dcx.ivkmds._55_archive.test.ass (Finished deleting markers for com.dcx.ivkmds._55_archive.test.ass)

14:36:8 Timer event: 5564ms: Delete markers: com.dcx.ivkmds.fwk.test.rcs (Finished deleting markers for com.dcx.ivkmds.fwk.test.rcs)

14:36:10 Timer event: 4998ms: Create markers: com.dcx.ivkmds._50_reports.test.ass (Finished creating markers for com.dcx.ivkmds._50_reports.test.ass)

14:36:10 Created 4 markers in 1 files

14:36:17 Timer event: 14286ms: Delete markers: com.dcx.ivkmds.application.rcs.standalone (Finished deleting markers for com.dcx.ivkmds.application.rcs.standalone)

14:36:22 Timer event: 4775ms: Create markers: com.dcx.ivkmds.application.rcs.standalone (Finished creating markers for com.dcx.ivkmds.application.rcs.standalone)

14:36:22 Created 2 markers in 9 files

14:36:24 Timer event: 21546ms: Delete markers: com.dcx.ivkmds.csolver.test.cts (Finished deleting markers for com.dcx.ivkmds.csolver.test.cts)

14:36:31 Timer event: 25289ms: Create markers: com.dcx.ivkmds._55_archive.test.ass (Finished creating markers for com.dcx.ivkmds._55_archive.test.ass)

14:36:31 Created 12 markers in 2 files

14:36:46 Timer event: 43535ms: Delete markers: com.dcx.ivkmds.fwk.test.ass (Finished deleting markers for com.dcx.ivkmds.fwk.test.ass)

14:36:48 Timer event: 46019ms: Delete markers: com.dcx.ivkmds._45_export_import.test.ass (Finished deleting markers for com.dcx.ivkmds._45_export_import.test.ass)

14:37:6 Timer event: 63358ms: Delete markers: com.dcx.ivkmds.csolver.test.ass (Finished deleting markers for com.dcx.ivkmds.csolver.test.ass)

14:37:46 Timer event: 82448ms: Create markers: com.dcx.ivkmds.csolver.test.cts (Finished creating markers for com.dcx.ivkmds.csolver.test.cts)

14:37:46 Created 30 markers in 12 files

14:37:52 Timer event: 109017ms: Delete markers: com.dcx.ivkmds.testfwk (Finished deleting markers for com.dcx.ivkmds.testfwk)

14:38:5 Timer event: 117351ms: Create markers: com.dcx.ivkmds.fwk.test.rcs (Finished creating markers for com.dcx.ivkmds.fwk.test.rcs)

14:38:5 Created 44 markers in 4 files

14:39:22 Timer event: 153566ms: Create markers: com.dcx.ivkmds._45_export_import.test.ass (Finished creating markers for com.dcx.ivkmds._45_export_import.test.ass)

14:39:22 Created 53 markers in 25 files

14:39:26 Timer event: 203348ms: Delete markers: com.dcx.ivkmds.csolver.ass (Finished deleting markers for com.dcx.ivkmds.csolver.ass)

14:42:2 Timer event: 249950ms: Create markers: com.dcx.ivkmds.testfwk (Finished creating markers for com.dcx.ivkmds.testfwk)

14:42:2 Created 93 markers in 45 files

14:42:14 Timer event: 371377ms: Delete markers: com.dcx.ivkmds.application.test.ass (Finished deleting markers for com.dcx.ivkmds.application.test.ass)

14:43:45 Timer event: 259496ms: Create markers: com.dcx.ivkmds.csolver.ass (Finished creating markers for com.dcx.ivkmds.csolver.ass)

14:43:45 Created 98 markers in 83 files

14:44:40 Timer event: 454271ms: Create markers: com.dcx.ivkmds.csolver.test.ass (Finished creating markers for com.dcx.ivkmds.csolver.test.ass)

14:44:40 Created 174 markers in 31 files

14:48:19 Timer event: 736777ms: Delete markers: com.dcx.ivkmds._45_export_import.ass (Finished deleting markers for com.dcx.ivkmds._45_export_import.ass)

14:48:31 Timer event: 12038ms: Create markers: com.dcx.ivkmds._45_export_import.ass (Finished creating markers for com.dcx.ivkmds._45_export_import.ass)

14:48:31 Created 6 markers in 425 files

14:53:33 Timer event: 1006732ms: Create markers: com.dcx.ivkmds.fwk.test.ass (Finished creating markers for com.dcx.ivkmds.fwk.test.ass)

14:53:33 Created 572 markers in 24 files

14:57:32 Timer event: 918334ms: Create markers: com.dcx.ivkmds.application.test.ass (Finished creating markers for com.dcx.ivkmds.application.test.ass)

14:57:32 Created 818 markers in 152 files

14:57:45 ===========================================================================================


I am using Eclipse 3.5 and AJDT:


Version: 2.0.1.e35x-20090727-2200

AspectJ version: