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RE: [aspectj-users] Capturing multiple return values from recursive calls

What happens with an execution pointcut instead of a call pointcut ?
Jean-Louis Pasturel

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Objet : [aspectj-users] Capturing multiple return values from recursive

Hi Folks,

Need some help with AspectJ. How can I capture return values from recursive
calls ? I want not only the returned value from the top level method call in
the stack, but also link the values from the intermediate method calls. For
example, given this simple method:

    public int fact(int val) {
        if (val > 0) {
            return val * fact(val - 1);
        else {
            return 1;

I can write an aspect that gets me the returned values from each call. 

    public pointcut FactCall() :
        call(public int fact(int));
    after() returning(int f) :
        FactCall() {
            System.out.println("returned = " + f);

 So for fact(4), I get the returned values from the top-level call as 1, 1,
2, 6, 24.

But what I really want to do is to capture the return values from the top 2
(or top n) recursive method calls, i.e. something that links

1 => 1
1 => 2
2 => 6
6 => 24

Any suggestions on how to do this ?


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